💫Sustainability Plan

The team at CosmicSwap are well versed in the Crypto environment and as such, they analyzed other farms, both successful and unsuccessful, and noted what worked and what did not.
CosmicSwap, now a month old (at the time of writing), has shown that the price has remained stable for a long time and the team is constantly thinking about the future of CosmicSwap, how they can improve and innovate the app, social media etc.

V2 App

A V2 of the app was released to differentiate from the PancakeSwap clones (PCS is great but the copy and pasting their UI can look repetitive if every farm looks the same as PCS).

Farming technique

Only specific farms were released at launch. Farms were then released on a weekly basis based on community feedback and partnerships. The rotation of farms is necessary for keeping the farm feeling new and not allowing the APRto go down too much.


The team has integrated Chainlink's VRF into a lottery. More details can be found here: This essentially allows more transparency for the lottery system and investors can have peace of mind that the lottery system is fair and random.

Reduced fees

The galaxy is not the same without reduced non-native pools and farm fees. As such, the fees were reduced to 1% and even lower for some other pools on the 8th of June.


CosmicSwap is constantly scouting the market for partnerships however, partnerships are only ever done when it benefits both parties. This is vital for the integrity of CosmicSwap as partnerships represent CosmicSwap to different communities.


The team hopes that this is evidence showing that there was a lot of work put into the project and that the aim is to be sustainable for a long time!