📐 How to buy COSMIC (BSC)

1. If you do not have BSC added to your wallet that you are using, learn how to add BSC to Metamask here: and how to add to Trust Wallet here
2. Make sure you have some BNB in your wallet to cover the gas fees of the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC). Learn more about how the BSC works here:
3. Once you have become familiar with how BSC works, make sure to have moved your funds to your wallet to trade to $COSMIC. This can be $BUSD, $BNB, or any other funds in your wallet. The liquidity for $COSMIC is in $BUSD so we would recommend trading $BUSD for $COSMIC. This is not financial advice and always do your own research and be aware of the risks!
4. The Cosmic token is traded on PancakeSwap. If you are not familiar, don’t worry, all will be explained and of course, if you have any questions, join our telegram and the admins will help you. We would advise only relying on admins to help you and not regular members in the telegram. (There have been reports of scammers DMing people tricking them for funds etc.)
5. Next, go to this link This is the official link to trade $COSMIC on PancakeSwap. (Please be aware that there are potential scammers that will dm you on social media claiming to be from cosmic, they might send you a similar link or a different address for $COSMIC. Do not engage with these people, only rely on admins from the official Telegram. Remember, CosmicSwap admins will never DM you first. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is so please careful!)
6. The message might pop up that will look similar to this. This is a warning, make sure that the contract address aligns with the official $COSMIC address, which can be found here: You can do this by pressing on the view on BSCScan. This should take you to a page that looks like this.
7. If you haven’t already, connect your wallet depending on which one you use. All wallets have the same purpose, and no wallet has an advantage over the other. Just use the one you are comfortable with and one that has funds in it.
8. Next, you will have a page that should look similar to this. If you haven’t already, you will need to approve the token you are trading for $COSMIC. This is essentially allowing PancakeSwap to spend your tokens. Don’t worry, this is normal, and every token has this. You will also need to set the slippage to between 0.1 - 3%. Start at the lowest. If you go to trade and it gives an error, set it a little higher until it allows you to trade
9. A prompt confirming the transaction you wish to place will appear. Make sure that this goes in line with what you have inputted in the previous steps and when you have confirmed it, you can click the 'Confirm Swap' button confirming that you are making the transaction at the current price.
10. Finally, MetaMask will send you the prompt to confirm the transactions. The process will be somewhat similar for the other wallets. The gas fee should be something similar to this. Double-check that everything is correct. Once you are happy that everything is in order, you can confirm the transaction. Shortly after the transaction will either succeed or fail. In the event of a failed transaction, repeat the above steps and make sure you have sufficient funds in your wallet and try increasing the slippage. Don’t be afraid to ask question in the telegram if you are stuck on any step.
Once your transaction has succeeded, Congratulations, you have bought $COSMIC. You can now brag to all your friends that you are now a $COSMIC hodler.