Audit 🛡

We have completed our audit with Techrate which can be found on their GitHub or on our website. We've already taken the first steps to ensure that our smart contracts that will be used are safe and have been audited. We will conduct another audit after the presale with the funds for any other smart contract that we will have afterward.

Marketing 🧾

When we started marketing initially we ran into a few problems. The first being that one of the Twitter influencers we tried to market with had a following of non-related followers which translated into our telegram being spammed with a lot of people that just aren't investors, aka bots. We called off any further promotion with them and began fully marketing it on all forms of social media.
Moving forward, we will use what has already worked for us to attract more people whether that would be through promotions, Youtube videos, Reddit posts, Medium articles, 4Chan memes, part

Presale ⏮

We will be hosting the presale with our own audited smart contract. It’s very simple and much more elegant than using decentralized launchpads. The reputation that such launchpads have is not something we want to associate with. It will allow us to control unsold tokens (if there’s any) in such a way that we can use them for marketing, airdrops, limited-time events, and boosted pools, and much more. Our launch day is set for the 17th of May 2021. This will mark the day of something big.

V2 🆕

Our dapp v2 will come after the presale token vesting period and will consist of a new UI with a focus on accommodating the increasing demand and partnerships of our token. The new UI will contain multi-chain compatibility, games, voting, IFOs, NFTs, and much much more. We want to this well so not all the features will be launched at the same time to create a trail of incentive for $COSMIC holders to hold as we expand into different chains and a bigger team.

Polygon Network 🕶️

So this is a big point and it's something that we're super excited to be implementing. We will be moving away from being a BSC-only project and expand to other chains. The first chain on our watchlist is the Polygon network, an Ethereum L2 solution that aims to solve all the current problems with Ethereum. Here are some of the reasons why we believe so much in Polygon:
  • Over 6 million transactions a day, as appose to 10k transactions on DOT and 40k transactions on ADA.
  • Cheap transaction fees, lower than 1 cent.
  • Marketcap of 10 billion, compared to DOT at 23 billion, ADA at 54 billion, and Binance on 60 billion.
  • Much faster transactions than BSC.

Games 🎮

This will be implemented later along the line and will create a "fun zone" sort of area on our platform to allow games that will further promote buying, holding, and using the $COSMIC token to further give utility to it. We want to expand beyond being a farm and become something bigger with multiple utilities and a bigger reach to other communities.

Lottery 💸

CosmicSwap are currently working on creating a unique lottery system thanks to Chainlink’s VRF protocol. The team now have access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to run a successful lottery system. Ultimately this creates a more exciting, transparent, and fraud-proof user experience, as users can rely on a fair and random lottery system on the CosmicSwap platform.

Bridge 🌉

A bridge is currently being developed. This is planned to be released after the vesting period of the Polygon presale (at least 10 days after 14th of June). This will allow investors to bridge their assets between the BSC and Polygon networks. The aim is to allow investors to easily move funds between the networks safely.

Voting 🎫

CosmicSwap will also has a proposal system that allows for any investor with $COSMIC tokens to propose a change to the yield farm, docs or any other implementations which can all be voted on by the community. This allows input from the community on what they want from CosmicSwap.

Reduced fees 🔻💵

As our platform becomes bigger, our yield APR will begin to consolidate and make it increasingly harder to make back your initial investment from the deposit fees. We will reduce the fees and even remove fees altogether when we reach that point in our development and implement new features to the tax being charged for entering the pools.

IFOs 👨‍🌾

We want to partner with more projects and provide them with the resources and tools to get started and build something successful. We have come up with the idea of an IFO. It would work essentially the same way a normal launchpad would work but it will allow our holders to participate in a safe, audited, and KYCed project that we believe has huge potential.
We won't let just have any project launch on our platform and we will hire our own Due Diligence team that will audit and verify everything to do with that project and make sure it's something that has a good use case and is sustainable. We are putting our reputation on the line, so we can not mess up.

NFTs 🎨

We don't want to spoil much but we've something very unique that we haven't seen yet and would like to spend our time developing it to make sure it's exactly what we imagined.