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CosmicSwap provides liquidity for the $HAPPY token with our farms which will allow lower price impact while also giving the LP providers our native $COSMIC token. CosmicSwap pays out the 3% tax from adding to the pools to the $HAPPY charity wallet which will be used to donate to charities on a regular basis. The intentions of both teams behind CosmicSwap and HappyCoin believe that this is only fair and rest assured, the transaction hashes will be made public for the public to see. In return, we will be getting exposure to the ever-expanding $HAPPY community and granting investors a safe environment to stake their $HAPPY tokens.
Transaction hashes:


Strite Finance aims to close the gap between cryptocurrency and the real world, with visions of Strite being a market leader in a crypto-based world. The team at Strite will use renowned financial strategies to ensure liquidity, buybacks, burns, and funds are all handled optimally so that the price of STRITE rises steadily in turn benefiting holders.


XOLO Finance has yet to be released however, as soon as they do here is what the partnership will entail:
  • CosmicSwap adds in pools for Xolo farming to benefit Xolo LP providers and stakers.
  • CosmicSwap will utilize XOLO’s protocol strategies to increase the platform APY for investors.
  • XOLO protocol will increase $COSMIC to its lending pool to increase token utility for both protocols.
  • The backend integration behind CosmicSwap will supply additional TVL to the platform and help the protocol by increasing mutual incentives and liquidity.


AGA uses its mining and investment income to fund growth, buy-backs, and pay yield to its token holders. They partner with launchpads through which they invest in handpicked blockchain projects during the initial private round period. We are very pleased to be one of the few projects to be partnered with AGA.
How the partnership benefits both communities:
  • Partnering with AGA will give CosmicSwap exposure to the AGA community, but AGA holders are also able to stake their tokens in CosmicSwap. CosmicSwap provides staking pools for their tokens, AGA and AGAr with an 8x multiplier which is the highest non-native pool in CosmicSwap. Liquidity pool pairs have also been added, AGA-AGAr and AGA-BUSD with a 12x multiplier and AGA-COSMIC with a 24x multiplier.
CosmicSwap has integrated Chainlink’s VRF protocol for the lottery that is available on the dapp. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, CosmicSwap now has access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to run a successful lottery system. Ultimately this creates a more exciting, transparent, and fraud-proof user experience, as users can rely on a fair and random lottery system on the CosmicSwap platform. More details about Chainlink’s VRF can be found here:
By partnering with Iron Finance, CosmicSwap gets exposure to Iron Finance’s community and vice versa, which will ultimately benefit both communities. This partnership coincided with CosmicSwap’s announcement of launching on the Polygon Network. Iron Finance already successfully runs a dual chain partially collateralized stable-coin on the BSC and Polygon networks.
CosmicSwap grants a TITAN pool on the Polygon farm and also TITAN/IRON and TITAN/MATIC liquidity pools too. This allows investors to stake their IronFinance tokens to earn $COSMIC.