The Galaxy of Yield Farming.


CosmicSwap is a yield farm and aggregator that is currently on the Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon Network. CosmicSwap allows you to stake your tokens and earn $COSMIC as a reward.
It was designed and developed by a team of developers who analyzed other farms, both successful and unsuccessful, and noted what worked and what did not. As such, they created CosmicSwap by taking the best features of farms and dapps that are successful and leaving features out that obviously did not work.
The pools were initially the most popular on the network at launch such as COSMIC, WBNB, DOT, etc however with partnerships we created more pools in line with those partnerships. CosmicSwap believes in having a strong community and as such, not only does the community vote on proposed pools suggest on social media but CosmicSwap has a voting system in order for the community to propose changes they desire.
Please check out the roadmap for future features.
Please always Do Your Own Research! Only invest what you can afford to lose.
Last modified 2yr ago